Shkad Helw – Aseel Hameem

Shkad Helw – Aseel Hameem

Shkad Helw –

Who spends all the time in love with you
Desires to meet and see you
And I have reached a situation
In my peak of sleep, I miss you

Oh, mama… Oh, mama, how beautiful he is
He is the ending and beginning of love
If it was up to me, frankly,
I was going to kidnap him from his family

I'm in love with him
I'm flaming
I'm flying above the sky

I adore you
I became
In every moment, inhale your air

I'm officially in love with you
I'm the happiest person in this world
Thank you for coming at the right time
Where I need your tenderness here

Whenever you say hi to me!
I forget myself and the universe,
All worries disappear from my life,
And my whole world becomes beautiful

You are my world
You are my soul
You are my peace of mind

It is so hard to forget you
This is impossible
Your love will always live in my heart

كلمات: محمد الواصف
الحان: علي صابر
توزيع : عثمان عبود :جيتار farshid

انت اليحبك …… كل وكت
يتمنه بس ……….. ايكابلك
واني وصلت ……. المرحله

ابعز نومي …. وانا اشتاگلك …
يمه يمه شگد حلو
اخر الحب .. واولو
والله لو بيدي ابصراحه

انا اخطفه من هلو ..
انا عاشك انا هايم
انا طاير …. الفوگ
انا احبك انا صاير

كلي اتنفسك شوگ …
حرفياً ابحبك .…. صرت
اسعد شخص … بالدنيا
شكراً لأن جيت .. بوقت

احتاج ……….. بي حني …
ومن تگلي … أنت هله
انسى كوني . وكل هله
ومايضل . هم ابحياتي

ويحله عمري . بأكمله
انت عمري وانت روحي
وانت راحت .. البال

مال اعوفك … لا بعيده

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